Who I Am

I spent my entire teen-years and all of my twenties living in the States. I never thought I'd leave the country, especially after getting married to my American husband and having a baby. Us moving to Japan was completely unexpected and it kinda happened...on a whim really, but it's proving to be one of the biggest and the best decisions we've made so far as a family.

It's been a few years since the move. My husband and I both have a pretty stable job, and have added a four-legged tail-wagging member to our family recently. Now that my life in Japan was starting to settle, I started blogging in Japanese at the end of 2016 to write about...things. Whatever came to my mind was the topic of the post. As I got into the groove of "blogging", I noticed that my gluten-free posts were garnering lots of traffic. Well, "lots" is a very relative word, it just means "lots" for my site.

Being A Celiac In Japan

I am a celiac, and living in Japan with the disease is not as easy as it was in the States. For a starter, a lot of people don't know what "gluten" is here and even some Japanese doctors I've met have never heard of the disease. In the last few years I've been in Japan, though, I am starting to get a grip of what I can eat and what I should avoid.

I know there are a lot of people out there, especially non-Japanese travelers to the country, with the same diet restrictions as I, so I've decided to write some of my gluten-free posts in English as well.


So here is the disclaimer: Please read my blog with a grain of salt. I do have the best intentions, but I may not always have the accurate information. Whether you have celiac, gluten-intolerance, or wheat allergy, everybody reacts differently. Please do know, that just because I didn't react to something doesn't negate the fact that it could still contain some traces of gluten. Japanese companies are missing out on business opportunities big time by not labeling their products GF or by not dedicating a production line to be able to label it as such, but that aside, the products or restaurants that I will be featuring usually don't have the government seal of approval for being gluten free.

So once again, please take it with a grain of salt. I will be as honest as I can be with my posts but please play it safe if ever in doubt as I cannot be held liable for any damages potentially caused from reading my blog.

My Best Wishes For You

Well, now that the disclaimer thing is out of my way, welcome to my blog. My name is Yonekichi, a native Japanese and a celiac. This is my first blog post in English and I hope it's followed by many to come. I wish you a happy stay in this beautiful nation.



Writing was never my forte in Japanese nor in English. Notice any iffy grammar? Please point it out to me so I can improve myself. 

Also, if you have a topic you want me to pick up on, do let me know. I am stationed in Tokyo and having a native Japanese tongue, I might be able to do your on-location research for you, as long as it sounds fun (and legal, and hopefully kid-frinedly too).