How to order Gluten Free Soy Sauce from Japanese Amazon | Celiac in Japan

Being A Celiac In Japan

I am a celiac and I've been following gluten free diet for the past few years. Avoiding gluten in Japan is tough, and it is made tougher because of soy sauce. As most soy sauce contain gluten, I always have to buy the special kind to meet my dietary needs.


Buying Gluten Free Soy Sauce in Japan

In the three years that I've been in Japan, I've only spotted gluten free soy sauce at regular grocery store once. Yes, once. Of course, expensive organic stores carry them but they are overpriced even for Japan, so if you see one at a regular store, you should just buy it like there's no tomorrow. Another option would be to order online from stores like Amazon.

Gluten Free Soy Sauce That Won't Come Up In Search

If you don't read Japanese and you have never used the Japanese Amazon site, you should first change the language option to English.


From there, typing "gluten free" brings up the below image.


Which is a quite different list of products from when you search in Japanese.


I've tried about four different gluten free soy sauce so far and I like the one by Ichibiki (below) the most for its price and its taste.

Once you change the language option, everything about the site except the product related texts switch over to English so registering and setting up your own Japanese Amazon account shouldn't be a problem. 

Hope this post helps and makes your celiac life in Japan a bit better. Please let me know if I missed anything or if you want additional info by sending your comments to my twitter account (yonekichi@yonekichi17). Thanks for reading and happy GF.